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LiveChatX provides Live Chat Services and Live Chat Operators to answer chat requests from your customers. No need to purchase software, or hire and train additional employees. We take care of all the technical problems and assist you with the integration on your website. See our Demo.

  • Live Chat Operators

    Live Chat Operators

    We provide friendly, professional, and well trained live chat operators to answer the chats for your company. Your visitors will enjoy customer and product support in real time.

  • Increase Sales

    Increase Sales

    Increase Sales by providing a human contact for your Visitors and Customers. Our live chat services will increase the loyalty and trust of your customers and definitely increase your ROI.

  • Secured Chats

    Secured Chats

    Our live chat servers are hosted in a SAS II 70 Datacenter and you can enjoy peace of mind that all chat conversations are encrypted and secured with a 256 SSL certificate. The chat transcripts and feedback will be emailed to you.

  • White Label Branding

    White Label Branding

    We can customize your chat window graphics and use your own logos and branding. This allows you to present your website visitors with a live chat operator that creates the impression that they are employed by your company.

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No need to buy expensive software. It's surprising how they qualify my leads

Terry Wilson

  • What is LiveChatX?

    What is LiveChatX?

    LiveChatX is a technologically advanced and secure real time live chat operator supplier. Making use of live chat operators from LiveChatX you can improve your sales and customer support instantly without the need to download software or to employ additional staff. In short, live chat operators from LiveChatX will increase profits and reduce the operational costs of your website. Now your website can have the same state of the art live chat operators that hundreds of the Fortune 500 companies use for their own websites.

  • How does it work?

    How does it work?

    Having a live chat operator on your site is very simple. You only need to sign up to create your no obligation free trial account. Once the process is complete you will receive an easy plug in HTML code that you need to copy and paste to your web pages. Once you open your web pages, the LiveChatX live chat operator will be active. You do not need to have any technical skills or download any kind of software to provide your website visitors with friendly, professional, and well trained live chat agents in real time. As simple as that!

  • Why do you need us?

    Why do you need us?

    LiveChatX allows you to integrate state of the art live chat software on your website that will provide visitors with a first class customer support option that holds various benefits not only for the professional image of your company but also will increase sales and improve the effectiveness of your website. You can have all the benefits of a live chat call center without employing extra staff, bother with training them, or supplying them with the required equipment and technological facilities.